The codnor castle heritage trust are not operational on the site and are no longer custodians of site and codnor castle. The Trust have posted the definitive map for public information only. We will let the public know what the trusts role may be on site in due course. CCHT are very keen to continue to promote its rich history and heritage in the future as we feel this is imperative to a historic site such as Codnor castle with such an important history attached to it.


Codnor Castle Heritage Trust money to be spent on consolidation works to Tudor Wall and Dove Cote.

Many of you have been enquiring about CCHT funds and where these funds are

going and what they are going to be spent on in the future?

The CCHT have decided to spend the funds on consolidation works to the Tudor wall which sits on the eastern side of the south court of the castle. Back in 2014,

the trust had a tree taken out and felled which was growing through the wall. Sand bags were erected to act as a support for the wall until we could raise enough funds for the eventual consolidation.

Since 2014, the sandbags offering support have now deteriorated.

The Dove Cote remains were unearthed in June 2021 by the new landowner during development of Castle Farm and the CCHT have also agreed to fund the consolidation works for the Dove Cote.

None of these funding projects are in relation to the development of Castle Farm and it is the CCHT who took responsibility for Codnor Castle and not the new landowner.

The money which was raised throughout the years by CCHT was always going to be spent on what it was raised for, "Codnor Castle"

Chairman, Rokia Brown is currently liaising with Historic England to see if match funding can be obtained to support these projects. We will let you know in the fullness of time whether the bid is successful.

The money raised by the trust will firstly be spent on a professional architectural survey to assess the urgent works to the Tudor wall and to evaluate the building structure of the Dove Cote. Once the survey has been completed, the works will then go out to tender.

Please see photos attached of today's site visit, Sunday 17th October. Thanks to new owner Darren for being so accommodating and giving us his time whilst on site carrying out the inspections of future consolidation works proposed to the castle.

Many thanks to all our members, supporters, volunteers and visitors who have supported us throughout the years to help raise funds to save Codnor Castle.

CCHT are really looking forward to finally getting these important consolidation works completed

Rokia Brown. Chairman, CCHT


Trustees on site, inspecting Tudor Wall and Dove Cote for future consolidation works funded by CCHT.


Patrols have been carried out at Codnor Castle due to a recent spate of ASB and criminal damage. PLEASE note the house is private property.

Please adhere and keep to the signposted footpaths.

Codnor, Ripley and Waingroves Police SNT





***Collapsed building - an urgent update***

Following on from last week's roof collapse in one of the outbuildings, an on-site inspection was carried out last night (Wednesday).


Due to the forces being applied by the remaining section of roof, the rear wall of the outbuilding is bowing over towards the path down to the farmhouse.

This poses an extreme danger to members of the public, and this path has been blocked at the top of the steps.

For your own safety, please avoid this area of the site, and keep to the public footpaths, which are located in the area around the north court,

and do not extend to the farmhouse.

If you were out around Codnor castle earlier today you'd have seen our chairman, Rokia Brown, placing our new signs around the site. We've had to wait a while for them to arrive (thanks to lockdown), but we hope they make the situation clear: the area around the farmhouse and farmyard is a private part of the site, much of which is extremely dangerous, and much of it made worse by selfish behaviour over the past few months.

Why have we had to do this? Well, this is the sight we're regularly faced with when we carry out security checks on the castle site: a sticky, filthy mess of lager cans, drinks bottles, sandwich wrappers, dirty nappies, and more.

We're having to clean up your mess because you can't be bothered to. It's quite a simple rule to remember: if you brought it with you, take it away with you, it doesn't matter whether it's Codnor Castle, the Peak District or the beach. Show some respect for your fellow users of the site.

If you're unclear about which part of the site can be accessed, there are public footpaths across the upper field near the North Court (the old keep). These are led to by stiles around the perimeter of the field. Please stick to these footpaths.

The oldest part of Codnor Castle is a Scheduled Ancient Monument. Its walls are over 800 years old. You wouldn't climb Stonehenge to take a selfie, so please leave the walls in peace for future generations. Respect the site, and respect the countryside around it. We're here because we love the Castle, and we want it to be here for our grandchildren, and their grandchildren.