***Important Notice***

Sadly all events has been cancelled amid the ongoing Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak.

COVID-19 - an update from Codnor Castle Heritage Trust

In the light of the measures announced by the Prime Minister on Monday evening, we have taken the unprecedented step of cancelling all bookings at Codnor Castle. If you had booked a paranormal evening, school trip or other visit you should already have been contacted. This is in addition to the temporary suspension of open days announced last week.

As we operate with the full co-operation of the owner of the site, members of the Trust will still be performing regular security checks of the site, in tandem with the local police's Safer Neighbourhood Team (whose assistance we gratefully acknowledge). We would therefore respectfully ask that if you do walk to the castle as part of your daily exercise routine, please take any litter home with you. We frequently have to pick up food wrappers and drinks cans: given the present circumstances we'd rather not.

***Collapsed building - an urgent update***

Following on from last week's roof collapse in one of the outbuildings, an on-site inspection was carried out last night (Wednesday). Due to the forces being applied by the remaining section of roof, the rear wall of the outbuilding is bowing over towards the path down to the farmhouse.

This poses an extreme danger to members of the public, and this path has been blocked at the top of the steps.

For your own safety, please avoid this area of the site, and keep to the public footpaths, which are located in the area around the north court,

and do not extend to the farmhouse.


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