Wheel barrow full of logs
Wheel barrow full of logs

Trustees raising funds
Trustees raising funds

Battle reanactments
Battle reanactments

Wheel barrow full of logs
Wheel barrow full of logs


About us

In 2006, The Codnor Castle Heritage Trust was established to prevent the Castle from falling into further disrepair and to promote the Castle as a major site of historical importance.

With a knowledgeable and highly skilled Board of Trustees that includes historians, archaeologists, surveyors, heritage professionals and teachers, the Heritage Trust also has a strong membership base.

The patron of the Trust is Sir Humphrey Wakefield whose wife, Lady Wakefield, is a direct descendant of the Greys of Codnor.

Aims and Objectives

The main goal of Codnor Castle Heritage Trust is to open the Castle to the public so that visitors can once again walk among the walls of Codnor Castle.

Reconstructions of buildings and living history will play a prominent part, alongside re-used and newly adapted listed farm buildings ensuring that our local heritage is preserved for generations to come.

Work So Far

In 2008, UK Coal Mining Ltd (the Landowners) ensured that the remains of Codnor Castle were consolidated and made safe.

A major success was also achieved in 2007, when the castle was brought to national attention featuring in the popular archaeology TV show, "Time Team". This televised 3 day dig gave tantalizing glimpses of rich archaeological remains surviving beneath the soil.

Since then, the Trust has devised a Learning Plan that has helped to develop an active hands-on learning programme that combines learning with entertainment, and includes working with schools, families and local community groups.

Community Involvement

The Trust is keen to involve the local community in the development of its plans.

The end result will be an asset that Heanor and Ripley can be proud of and that people from the immediate area and beyond will want to use and visit again and again.

The Trust has ambitious plans for Codnor Castle.

The belief is that with the right approach and adequate funding these plans can be achieved.


If you would like to become a member of the Codnor Castle Heritage Trust, please go to our CONTACT US page.