Family Trees

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The de Grey family were one of the most powerful families in England, and for almost 300 years generation after generation of the de Grays were Lord of the manor of Codnor.

During the early 14th century Richard de Grey replaced the early square gate house with a more impressive entrance flanked by twin circular towers. It is unclear whether the entire south facing facade was rebuilt or just the gate house as all four towers seem to have different architecture. King Edward IIs visit to Codnor castle in 1322 may have prompted the building improvements.

The Zouch family continued to make additions to the castle. A large section of the West-facing wall of the Keep was rebuilt with a huge fireplace for the great hall. The moat, which was no longer used for defensive purposes, was enlarged at the northern end to form a small lake

Sir Streynsham Master and his wife Elizabeth lived at Stanley Grange in Morley. It is unlikely that they ever lived in the castle as it was by now in a ruinous condition. He rented Castle farm to several tennents and later leased the castle and its estates to Sir George Warburton & Edward Downes.