Haunted Codnor

There has been many a story told, of ghostly sightings and strange unexplained tales in and around Codnor Castle.
The most well known being the iridescent image of a gliding figure, known locally as the 'Grey Lady'. Sightings around the castle grounds have been talked about in the local area for years!
The most recent recorded document from an eye witness account, was back in 1992. Printed on September 11th in the Alfreton and Ripley Echo. A shocked and shaken man, recounts his story of witnessing a soldier running through the great (ruined) hall, wearing a dull metal helmet.
However, there has been many other ghosts seen around the whole site. Some who appear to be Victorian. These eye witness accounts could possibly be related to Codnor Castle's younger sister, 'Codnor Farm', built in the 17th century.

Have you had a paranormal experience at Codnor Castle or Castle Farm? Do you know of any ghostly legends associated with the site?
Past Hauntings have investigated the Castle & Farmhouse numerous times over the last few years, "the location definitely ranks up there as one of our favourite places, never failing to let us down".
We have hosted events here and everyone has come away amazed at their experiences.
Activity ranges from hearing a girl/woman singing all around the site, the figure of a woman walking across the grassed area, a knight seen standing at the Castle, people being touched, pushed & hit, hearing audible voices, class A EVP's, shadow figures, load audible footsteps all around the venue, full apparitions, objects moving and much more.


From the apparition of an injured Scottish crusader who paces the grounds inconsolable with rage, to a French ‘grey lady’ whose echoes can be heard on the wind- Codnor Castle boasts its fair share of resident ghouls. Along with its 17th century farmhouse, it has now earned the  title of 51st ‘most haunted’ location in the UK- beating The Tower of London

One team who investigated the venue had to cut short their night when team members and their guests became to frightened to carry on when the feelings of negative energy and a descending darkness overwhelmed them. There have been reports of many deaths at the site from suicide to murder, do these still linger, waiting to tell their story?
During 2014 we have had the pleasure of ghost hunting within the farmhouses of Castle Farm and I am happy to report that we are never disappointed by the goings on there. We have had laughter and singing from different rooms including the toilet, furniture slung across the room, glass chucked and one of the team being dragged across the room on the chair he is sat on, this has happened more than once. We have been close to tears as children tell us how they have died and we have laughed when a large black dog has moved around our feet.
On one occasion we even found ourselves talking to a couple who were in bed, they were happy with us being there although the ladies grandma wanted us out of the bedroom.  We have had negative energy try to attack team members and doors slamming and leaving team members alone and isolated in a room especially when there is no wind. Finally one of the team members have had Psychic encounters and has been used as a conduit to share that spirits story. 
The following is just some of the stories we have picked up on...........

There are 3 monks that walk across the lounge area, seen to be Benedictine & Franciscan, are they there as part of the witchcraft stories we have been told by the spirits. The stairwell that was original there has seen tragedy as a lady fell down them and broke her neck, the children that play in the lounge and the male looking through the window are associated with her. A male has hung himself from the rafters in the new extension of the loft, a boy in the old part of the loft showed himself to me and told me that he was strangled there. Also we think that there was murder and mystery surrounding the house, probably before it was a house, a man called Edward explained that he stole something valuable and he killed at least one of the men he had with him. is it possible that in Codnor Castle grounds there is treasure buried?Are you brave enough to attempt to uncover the secrets of Codnor Castle & Farmhouse? Do you have what it takes to investigate one of the countries hidden paranormal gems? Interested?

Ghostly apparation at the castle.jpeg

A ghostly apparation to the left of the picture.

It is reported that a suicide occurred at Codnor Castle of a 36 year old man who was employed at the Codnor Park Ironworks which belonged to the Butterley Company. On that fateful Friday, he had left for work as normal at 6 o’clock in the morning. However, some hours later two young men were crossing the foot road by Codnor Castle Farm towards Heanor, where upon they found the man with his throat cut. He was lying face downwards in a large pond near the Castle ruins. When the body was retrieved from the water, in his pocket was found a piece of paper with a few words addressed to his wife and five children written in pencil.

At the inquest having heard all the evidence, the jury returned a verdict that the deceased had terminated his own life due to his unsound state of mind. Many believed the suicide was in some way linked to dead man’s father who had also killed himself twenty years previously in the canal at Codnor Park.

Have you had a paranormal experience at Codnor Castle or within its grounds?  Do you know of any local ghostly legends associated with the site?  If so, the Codnor Castle Heritage Trust would like you to get in touch so all stories can be documented.

Rokia herself has had several eerie experiences at the Grade II listed site- most of which have taken place in the 17th century farmhouse, said to be the location of a murder and four suicides.

“Back when we founded the society and were clearing out the farmhouse, the weather was so hot we decided to go outside for a cup of tea and a rest,” she said. 

“Suddenly, a stone came hurtling through one of the windows and landed in the garden- even though there was nobody inside. 

“Another time, we were cleaning and discovered a copper necklace on the farmhouse floor, surrounded by disembodied peacock butterfly wings. 

“The glass was exactly the same colour as the butterfly wings, and it was like it had been laid out as a gift, it was so strange. 

“Visitors say our scariest ghost is the battle-weary Scottish crusader who died of his injuries while taking refuge at the castle.  

“People have seen him stalking the grounds and running through the ruins of the main hall, wearing a dull metal helmet. 

“He is quite an aggressive presence, it is said, because he never made it back to the homeland he adored, 

“Our grey lady has been known to glide wistfully around the grounds, sometimes you can hear her singing. 

“Apparently she was a heavily pregnant French woman who  fell off her horse and hit the ground hard which caused her to miscarry and, a short time after the accident, she passed away. Eye witness accounts describe her figure gliding through the ruins either on foot or on horse back. This sad tale has become local folklore, but the story is not the only tragic tale to be told

“It was a cold blustery afternoon when a local man named Mr Foster, took his dog for a walk around the Castle ruins. It was such terrible weather that Mr Foster decided to shelter from the wind a while within the castle ruins.  At that moment, a ghostly figure appeared through a ruined doorway just a few feet away. Mr Foster, on seeing the ghost, stood petrified and his dog, stricken with terror, could not muster a bark as she normally would have if the figure had been human. Mr Foster then described how the figure ran across the ruined Great Hall away from him and disappeared at the other end of the Castle. Afterwards, he recalled that the strange figure was dressed as a soldier and appeared stocky and middle-aged wearing a dull metal helmet. It may be possible that this sighting is linked to a fierce skirmish that is thought to have taken place near the Castle many centuries ago.”



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