Grand Victorian Open Day for the Feast of St. Nicholas

8th December- 11-3pm

Our annual open day marking the feast day of the dedicatee of Codnor Castle's chapel. Mulled wine, mince pies. hot soup available, as well as tea, coffee and cake.
Children's festive lucky dip. (Chocolate and other treats.)
Guided tours.
Guided tours at midday and 2pm.
No admission charge, though all donations are welcome.

All refreshments are available in the farmhouse (there's no charge, though donations are always welcome). We'll also have the second edition of our acclaimed guidebook on sale, and trustees will be on hand to answer your questions about the site.


Codnor Castle Paranormal Events

Codnor Farmhouse ghost hunts have become extremely popular over the last few months.
We have Haunted Happenings Official Page and Dusk Till Dawn Events, two of the country's most respected event companies selling out 1 date each every month, we also have private investigation teams coming from all over the country to investigate and communicate with our resident spirits.
The venue has gained a HUGE reputation throughout the paranormal community as the must go to place, investigators are reporting incredible paranormal activity, some going as far as saying it is off the scale of anything they have ever experienced.
So popular is Codnor Farmhouse teams are clamouring for dates to investigate well into next year.
This is truly one incredible venue to visit for paranormal enthusiasts.

For those wishing to experience the ghosts of Codnor Farmhouse just contact either Haunted Happenings or Dusk till Dawn or for private team nights please contact Sean Cadman through Facebook: Sean Cadman

The Castle as a location shoot

Wolvencrown Photo Shoot February 2019

With thanks to the talented Paul Bobrucki, here's the result of his early-morning photo shoot with Nottingham band Wolvencrown. Look out for their album 'Of Bark And Ash' later this year!

The Prince of Darkness visits Codnor Castle…

Codnor Castle became a movie location today, as a group of local filmmakers moved in to shoot scenes for a movie to be released in September 2014…about vampires in Annesley. Based on real-life events, the Annesley Vampire movie dramatises the story of a group of coalminers and railwaymen in 1960s Annesley, whose passion for moviemaking led them to produce not one, but two, vampire movies: 'Spawn of the Vampire' and 'Prince of Darkness'. (Our thanks go to Dave Hague for the location photographs).

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Visitors to the castle

One of the great joys of showing visitors round Codnor Castle is the vast range of people it attracts, from primary school parties

Sometimes random things happen: We were checking the @codnorcastle Twitter account earlier when Dan Snow - @thehistoryguy - popped up to say he'd be in the Derby area shortly, and what should he see? Well, we had an idea or two, so we invited him over. A little over an hour later, we were showing Dan Snow round Codnor Castle! Here are the results…! Incidentally,

Archaeologist James Wright visits Codnor Castle, November 2016

A professional archaeologist and author of the standard work on the castles of Nottinghamshire, James Wright. After 12 years working on the former royal palace at King's Clipstone and a period working for Museum of London Archaeology (MoLA), James is now a doctoral researcher at the University of Nottingham, so he nipped over to see Codnor Castle a couple of weeks ago. James is a buildings archaeologist, so was able to cast an experienced professional eye over the entire site, in the process pointing out features that might otherwise have been missed. You can be sure we'll be incorporating James' findings into our guided tours the next time you visit. Who knows: one of the next class of primary school pupils we show round might be inspired enough to become a buildings archaeologist when they grow up. We certainly hope so. You can find James' work on the Castles of Nottinghamshire at: His work summing up 12 years of research at King's Clipstone, A Palace for our Kings, now in its second edition, is available here:

Archaeological recording by photo and drawing of the east wall to Lower Court prior to felling of a Canadian maple tree. February 2015

East wall to Lower Court. Amber Valley viewed from the east side. Amber Valley Borough Council has give permission for the tree in the background to be felled, CCHT have archaeologically recorded the wall prior to this as a precaution in case the wall is damaged during the felling

The same wall viewed from the west side showing the remains of the crenellations which are thought to date to the 16th century and the time of the Zouches

An engraving dated to 1891. The gateway seen on the previous photo is, I think, the one towards the left hand side of the picture

Site survey of the gateway

Archaeological recording of the East wall prior to tree felling. The drawings complement the photographic record and together the photos and drawings should enable the wall to be rebuilt should it be damaged during felling

Tree Ring Dating

A big thank you to English Heritage who have funded the tree ring dating of timbers at Castle Farm. Robert Howard from Nottingham University's Dendrochronolgy lab is carrying ou the work. He started sampling the timbers in the farmhouse on Monday 22nd December. Tree ring dating can give very accurate dates for the felling of timbers. As they were used in buildings very soon after being felled, this effectively gives a date when that particular timber was incorporated into a building. We are hoping thta the tree ring dating will give us dates for the various phases of construction of the farmhouse. However, a lot of timbers were re-used from older buildings, especially on a site like Codnor wheer there may have been a plentiful supply of redundant buildings when the castle went out use. It might turn out that the timbers in the farmhouse came originally from the medieval castle. .

Robert drilling into the ceiling joists in the living room. Even with a 110 volt electric drill, this is hard work as the timber, after being in place for hundreds of years, is rock hard

Robert Howard at work

The first tree ring sample fresh from the hollow cored drill

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