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Looking for a special present for a heritage-lover?

How about the Codnor Castle giftbox?

Six of our most popular items (our guidebook, mug, keyring, coaster, fridge magnet and teatowel),

All for one reduced package price of £20.00 plus £4.50 p&p.

Special offer for this package only:

Add the replica 'Time Team' gold noble for an extra £5 (total £25.00 plus £4.50 p&p).

Buy now while stocks last!

Codnor castle guide book.png

Codnor Castle Guide Book
54 Pages,

Soft Back.

A5 size £6.00

key ring.png

Key Ring £1.50 

view of the south court coaster.png

View of the South Court Coaster £2.00


1 Year membership £8-00 - 
The annual subscription is £8 for one or more members of a household at the same address. ..
Why not buy a membership as a gift for someone.

a walk to codnor castle.png

A walk to Codnor Castle £1.00 
CCHT has just produced this a 3 page leaflet guide to a walk to Codnor Castle. 
The castle is only a mile from Codnor Market place so why not take a look?

Gold Coin £6.00

codnor castle tea towel.jpg
tea towel 3.jpg

North Court: elevated view from the east

Tea Towel £6.00 + £1.50 postage

North Court: elevated view from the north-west

Tea Towel £6.00 + £1.50 postage

tea towel.png
new style codnor castle mug.png

Elevated view from the South Court, facing north

Tea Towel £6.00 + £1.50 postage

New Style Codnor Castle Mug £5.50


'Codnor Castle' £2.00


'The Farm House' £2.00

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