We're all too aware that there are many of you who are unable to visit us in person, either for reasons of geography or health. We've therefore worked with a local video maker, Mark Anthony of 111 Travels, to produce this pair of introductory videos featuring our chair, Rokia Brown. We hope you enjoy them!

Introducing the team behind Codnor Castle and a bit of the history behind how the trust was founded and it's aims for the future. Also looking at some of the work that has already been carried out.

The history of how Codnor Castle came to be, along with who lived there and owned it over the years. The history is told by Rokia Brown.

Irene Oxley one of Codnor Castles Heritage Trustees tells you a bit about her role at the Castle. Irene's Lemon Drizzle Cakes are becoming famous locally, why not pop up on the 2nd Sunday of each month to one of the Open Days and try a cuppa and cake.

A walk to Codnor Castle along with some Sword Fighting and other stalls on view. Also a tour of the grounds and the Old Farm House which has featured on Most Haunted.

Follow the walk from Jacksdales Free Car Park through to Codnor Castle. The walk goes along the old Forge path and then through the woods upto the Castle, there is then a brief history lesson given by Rokia Brown who is the Chairman of the Codnor Castle Trust.

The return walk back down to the carpark in Jacksdale takes on a bit of a circular walk before joining the original path up.

The second video in the series explaining some of the work that has been carried out to help preserve the Castle along with work that is planned.

A brief update on the status of the Castle as it will shortly be sold, we hope to be able to negotiate with the new owners to keep running the Trust. There's also a preview from one of our Open days with re-enactments and people enjoying their visit.

Sheenagh Rothwell, the Trusts Secretary talks about her role in the trust along with how to access the site and other useful info to help you gain more knowledge about the Trust and its role.

A video slide show of Codnor Castle, the surrounding Nature and Wildlife

Follow along with the Walk from Loscoe through to Codnor Castle and then onto Riddings Woods, Caravan and Camping site.